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WHO DOES NOT LOVE AMAZON?  I mean, whenever I think of random stuff, one of my first GO-TO's is probably going to be Amazon!

Aside from the fact that they have a ton.. and I mean, A TON of items listed; you also have an array of supplier/seller options to choose from; you get to see actual customer reviews which is always helpful; and bonus, it actually suggests items that may go along with the item you're buying!  How clever is that!  And the list of why Amazon is just a great resource for us buyers goes on... 

Based on my online research, Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and is still, to this day, rapidly growing its footprint in other areas such as physical retail stores, subscription services, and web services.

I have been personally using Amazon for years now and as an event planner, a food blogger and an entrepreneur, with a busy and sometimes fast-paced schedule and lifestyle, Amazon does serve me the convenience of not having to go to the store, and instead, with a couple of "click-click's", my items are delivered to my home and/or business address.  The comfort and convenience just beyond excites me!

And last but certainly not the least, TRUST.  It will be a total miss if I don't mention that one of the things I love about Amazon is that it is as safe to use as any other established retail companies.  

All that being said, and because I always get asked where I get a lot of the stuff I use -- whether it be for my events, for my food blogs or even for home, I created a storefront where all my recommended Amazon-find items are listed.  While this will be updated as I try more items, I thought I'd share with you now.

CHECK OUT my Amazon Storefront below & make sure to FOLLOW ME for more product updates.